Cities and Towns in Butler County, Alabama

By | May 2, 2024

Butler County, located in south-central Alabama, was established on December 13, 1819, making it one of the state’s oldest counties. With its county seat and largest city being Greenville, the county spans approximately 778 square miles. Known for its lush forests and agricultural land, Butler County embodies the quintessential Southern landscape. As of the 2020 census, Butler County has a population of approximately 19,448 residents. The region’s economy has traditionally been based on agriculture, particularly in timber and poultry, but has also expanded into manufacturing and services in recent years. Greenville, often referred to as the “Camellia City,” plays a central role in the county’s cultural and economic activities, hosting numerous community events including the annual Camellia CityFest.

List of All Cities in Butler County

  • Greenville

List of All Towns in Butler County

  • Georgiana
  • McKenzie (partly in Conecuh County)
  • Greenville

Table of Populations and Zip Codes for Each City and Town

City/Town Population (2020) Zip Codes
Greenville 7,544 36037
Georgiana 1,738 36033
McKenzie 530 (total) 36456


Situated in the heart of Butler County, Greenville is characterized by its verdant, rolling hills and vibrant natural scenery, serving as a hub for both commerce and culture in the region.


Greenville is home to several public schools, including Greenville High School, and is near Lurleen B. Wallace Community College, which provides higher education opportunities to local residents.

Road Network

The city is well-connected, featuring access to Interstate 65, which links it to Montgomery to the north and Mobile to the south, as well as other major highways including U.S. Route 31.

Major Landmarks

Greenville is known for its historic downtown area, the Watermelon Jubilee, and Sherling Lake Park, which offers recreational opportunities for both residents and visitors.


Located to the south of Greenville, Georgiana boasts rich, fertile land ideal for both agriculture and timber production.


Georgiana hosts a range of educational facilities, including Georgiana School that serves as both an elementary and high school.

Road Network

U.S. Highway 31 runs through Georgiana, providing vital links to larger markets and neighboring towns.

Major Landmarks

The childhood home of country music legend Hank Williams is located here, now a museum attracting fans from across the globe.


McKenzie is situated on the border of Butler and Conecuh counties, known for its peaceful rural atmosphere and strong community spirit.


McKenzie School serves as the main educational institution, catering to all school ages from kindergarten through 12th grade.

Road Network

State Highway 55 and U.S. Route 31 are the main thoroughfares, facilitating regional connectivity.

Major Landmarks

The town is characterized by its quaint downtown area and several historic churches that play an active role in community life.

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