Cities and Towns in Bibb County, Alabama

By | May 2, 2024

Bibb County, located in the central part of Alabama, is known for its rich natural resources and historic significance. The county was established in 1818 and covers an area of about 626 square miles. Centreville serves as the county seat, and it is also the largest city within the county. As of the 2020 census, Bibb County has a population of approximately 22,394 people. The county is characterized by its hilly terrain and is part of the Appalachian region. It boasts extensive forested areas, making it a prime location for lumber industries, as well as recreational hunting and fishing. The Cahaba River runs through Bibb County, providing a critical habitat for a variety of wildlife and adding to the county’s natural beauty. The economy is largely supported by forestry, mining, and manufacturing.

List of All Cities in Bibb County

  • Centreville

List of All Towns in Bibb County

  • Brent
  • West Blocton
  • Woodstock (partly in Tuscaloosa County)
  • Vance (partly in Tuscaloosa County)

Table of Populations and Zip Codes for Each City and Town

City/Town Population (2020) Zip Codes
Centreville 2,772 35042
Brent 4,947 35034
West Blocton 1,240 35184
Woodstock 1,428 (total) 35188
Vance 1,529 (total) 35490


Centreville is located along the Cahaba River, which enhances the city’s landscape with lush vegetation and a variety of ecosystems.


The city is served by Bibb County Schools, including Bibb County High School. There are no colleges within Centreville; the nearest higher education institutions are in neighboring counties.

Road Network

Centreville is accessed via U.S. Highway 82, which connects it to Tuscaloosa and Montgomery, and Alabama State Route 5.

Major Landmarks

The Cahaba River and the historic Bibb County Courthouse are notable landmarks.


Brent is situated just south of Centreville, with the two cities often considered together. It shares similar geographic features, dominated by forests and rivers.


Brent shares the Bibb County School District with Centreville, featuring several elementary and middle schools.

Road Network

Key highways include U.S. Highway 82 and State Route 219, facilitating local and regional connectivity.

Major Landmarks

The Brent-Centreville Public Library and the annual Brent-Centreville Christmas Parade are local highlights.

West Blocton

West Blocton lies in the northern part of the county, known for its historical ties to the coal mining industry.


Local schools fall under the Bibb County School District. The area is also close to community colleges located in nearby counties.

Road Network

It is served by Alabama State Route 5, connecting it to Centreville and further to Birmingham.

Major Landmarks

The Cahaba Lily Festival is a major event, celebrating the rare Cahaba lily found in the nearby river.


Woodstock stretches across Bibb and Tuscaloosa counties, with most of its development focused along the major highways.


Parts of Woodstock are served by both the Bibb County and Tuscaloosa County school systems, depending on the specific location.

Road Network

Interstate 59 and U.S. Highway 11 pass through Woodstock, providing excellent access to Birmingham and Tuscaloosa.

Major Landmarks

Historic sites and the annual Woodstock Music Festival are significant attractions.


Vance, like Woodstock, is part of both Bibb and Tuscaloosa counties and is known for its modern industrial growth.


The town benefits from proximity to larger cities’ educational facilities, with local students attending schools in the Tuscaloosa County part of the town.

Road Network

Located near the junction of Interstate 59 and Interstate 20, Vance has robust transport links ideal for industrial logistics.

Major Landmarks

The Mercedes-Benz U.S. International assembly plant is a major employer and landmark in the region.

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