Cities and Towns in Bullock County, Alabama

By | May 2, 2024

Bullock County, located in the southeastern part of Alabama, is steeped in history and culture. It was established in 1866 and is named after Colonel Edward C. Bullock of the Confederate Army. The county encompasses approximately 625 square miles and is known for its rural landscapes and significant historical landmarks. Union Springs serves as both the county seat and the largest city within Bullock County. According to the 2020 census, Bullock County has a population of about 10,101 residents. The area’s economy has historically been dominated by agriculture, particularly in poultry and cattle farming, although there has been a shift towards more diverse economic activities including tourism, highlighted by the annual Bird Dog Field Trials which attract visitors from across the United States.

List of All Cities in Bullock County

  • Union Springs

List of All Towns in Bullock County

  • Midway

Table of Populations and Zip Codes for Each City and Town

City/Town Population (2020) Zip Codes
Union Springs 3,530 36089
Midway 457 36053

Union Springs

Union Springs is centrally located within Bullock County and is renowned for its rich soil and beautiful rolling landscapes, ideal for agriculture and hunting.


The city is served by the Bullock County School District, including Bullock County High School. There are no colleges in Union Springs; the nearest higher education institutions are located in neighboring counties.

Road Network

Union Springs is accessed via U.S. Highway 82 and State Route 223, connecting it to Montgomery and Columbus, Georgia.

Major Landmarks

The city is famous for the Red Door Theatre, historic antebellum homes, and as a center for the Bird Dog Field Trials.


Midway is aptly named for its location roughly midway between Montgomery and Eufaula, Alabama. It features a mix of forested areas and open fields.


Midway shares educational resources with the larger Union Springs, with local students attending schools in the Bullock County School District.

Road Network

The town is served by U.S. Route 82, facilitating access to larger cities for commerce and services.

Major Landmarks

Midway is known for its historical buildings and for the Midway Historic District, which includes several preserved structures that reflect its rich cultural past.

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